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Explore our favorite collections from the professional-grade chef’s apron to our original tableware. Available only here at Santouka Online Shop. Take your love for ramen to the next level!

Our Tonkotsu Soup

The tonkotsu soup is carefully cooked at a low temperature for 20 hours and then seasoned with just the right amount of salt to make it delicious to the last drop. Our philosophy is to bring out the delicious flavor of our ingredients to the greatest extent possible, ensuring our soups retain their mild, comforting flavor. This is why our ramen can be served to small children without any worries.

Santouka Passion

Santouka's soup is made from scratch and by hand at all its restaurants, both in Japan and abroad.We are committed to sticking to our core ingredients, production methods, and using minimal salt and artificial seasoning to continue serving “family friendly, delicious, and healthy ramen.”

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